Editorial Policy

The Pakistan Journal of Urology (PJU) adheres to the following editorial policy to maintain the integrity, quality, and relevance of published content:

  1. Scope and Focus: PJU publishes original research articles, reviews, case reports, and other scholarly contributions pertaining to urology and related fields. The journal welcomes submissions that advance knowledge, foster innovation, and contribute to the understanding and practice of urology.

  2. Peer Review Process: All submissions undergo a rigorous peer review process to ensure the validity, significance, and originality of the research. Peer reviewers, selected based on their expertise and experience, provide constructive feedback to authors to enhance the quality of manuscripts.

  3. Publication Ethics: PJU upholds the highest standards of publication ethics and expects authors to adhere to ethical guidelines, including originality, plagiarism prevention, authorship attribution, and disclosure of conflicts of interest.

  4. Open Access: PJU is committed to open access publishing, ensuring that research findings are freely accessible to the global urology community. Authors retain copyright of their work, and articles are published under Creative Commons licenses, allowing for widespread dissemination and reuse.

  5. Editorial Independence: The editorial team of PJU operates independently of any commercial or institutional influences. Editorial decisions are based solely on the merit of the research and its contribution to the field of urology.

  6. Data Accessibility: Authors may be required to provide access to raw data upon editorial request, promoting transparency and reproducibility of research findings. PJU encourages authors to share data in accordance with best practices and ethical standards.

  7. Corrections and Retractions: PJU is committed to rectifying errors or inaccuracies identified in published articles promptly. Authors are encouraged to notify the editorial team of any errors, and corrections or retractions are issued in accordance with established editorial policies.

  8. Editorial Board: PJU's Editorial Board comprises experts and scholars in the field of urology who provide guidance on journal policies, review submissions, and contribute to the advancement of the journal's mission.

  9. Publication Frequency: PJU publishes articles on a regular basis, ensuring timely dissemination of research findings and scholarly discourse within the urology community.

  10. Continuous Improvement: PJU regularly evaluates and updates its editorial policies and processes to adapt to evolving trends, address emerging ethical challenges, and maintain the highest standards of scholarly publishing.