Managing a large staghorn stone in a Doughnut kidney

A case Report


  • Abdul Haseeb
  • liaqat Ali


Doughnut Kidney, Renal Stone, Pyelolithotomy


Doughnut or Pancake kidney is a condition in which both the kidneys fused at the medial borders of each pole to produce a ring-shaped mass. In addition to nonspecific lower abdomen discomfort, pyrexia and haematuria, signs of a urinary tract infection may also be present in an otherwise asymptomatic pancake kidney. Sometimes the diagnosis is coincidental. However different imaging modalities like USG, MDCT, computed tomography (CT) urography, and radio nucleotide scanning are use confirmed the diagnosis. Different surgical options such as open pyelolithotomy, laparoscopic or robot assisted pyelolithotomy can be consumed to treat such patient, however the literature proposes that an open pyelolithotomy is a safer and more rational approach to avoid injury to any aberrant vessels which are more common in such cases.

KeyWord: Doughnut Kidney, Renal Stone, Pyelolithotomy




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